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Hi, I'm qana, but I just created a different nick/handle for all my online needs. I still don't want to leave this site so I'm updating once in awhile.

This lj is will now mostly be used for language related posts on games, anime and manga.

Language stuff
Romanized Lyrics
Baka no nomigusuri (an idiot's drug) by nashimotoP
Japanese lyrics with furigana (when I have the time)

Japanese transcripts/ scripts
From anime
Steins;Gate Episode 1 Part 1 (Romanji/Romaji/reading)
Durarara Episode one (Romaji only)

from games
Persona 4
Social Link in P4 with Rise

Acronyms List
Pictures I drew~ for march 2012 compiled

Social Psychology

And...because I'm a little silly, I decided to try tracking the number of pageviews this actually gets from February 2015 onwards.

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What I have been doing

I don't know what I'm doing with my life other than the fact FEBUARY IS ANIMATION MONTH. I am going to produce a short animation with this month's time.

Hopefully I will get art commissions while I'm doing it, but otherwise I will focus completely on my animation thing.

Probably should jump on something popular like gravity falls too.

Answer for question 4533.

When you were in school (or if you still are), did you enjoy or hate school picture day? Do you remember any particularly great or awful pictures of you -- what made them that way?
Let it burn!
It didn't matter if I was in the photos or not, I never know what to do in them. Its just odd for a bunch of people to stand stock still and wait for someone to push a button. At least, that's what I thought when I was a kid. I always seem to end up with kids I don't know to well and it was awkward. Nowadays I try to get to know everyone, but yanno, it's tough to always be in touch with others. It seems easy, but it's not so true when everyone have their own groups of friends. Besides, we were too busy trying to one up each others at that age. I kinda gave up on that because it didn't lead anywhere interesting, and stood in the background for those who still bothered to fight it out in the 'arena'. All the fights were figurative, of course. Posturing and all that.

Bilingual Blog Compilation

Today onwards, I'm going to compile a list of bilingual bloggers, and then, should I ever decide on learning the language, I'd have a freakin' large base to rely on. I'm going to add a blog everyweek. Or at least that's my goal.

Swedish Language Blog
It's not bilingual but an english blog that teaches Swedish :) Reminds me of that French blog, which is in english but teaches French words.

Rosalys Japanese? French? Anything? She's got it in both languages, oh lords, this is awesome!
Preciously Me is made by a lady from France. She's got pretty pictures.

Bangin Slang blog, very little Japanese inside.
Maggie-sensei features cute little dogs talking in Japanese. prepared to say awww and giggle insanely at a blog.

Pure Power Panda Don't ask me how I ended up on a German wellbeing site called Pure Power Panda that has english. I'm just happy there's english.

Story List

1. The mystery files (pending title) Status:WIP on 2nd chapter.
description: the unnamed MC has multiple personalities. He can switch between each with ease, but stress caused his personality to merge, almost akin to a multiple personality disorder...
The world is fractured with different time zones split, separated by a thin veil of reality. And 'Dave' is one of the first time zone travelers, falling into another world without knowing it. Being sheltered almost his entire life, he had to learn how to survive in harsh surroundings and embittered him to others...

first chapter:
second chapter:

2.Tears of Perdition- WIP(currently 1.9k words.)
description: Scholar /Court Scribe /Angel Alta is betrayed by his friend, and as innocent as a lamb led to slaughter, he was used as a scrape goat so that his friend can escape from the court's suspicions. Grieving and innocence stolen, Alta was forced to fulfill his punishment, travel to the first circle of hell and use his teleportation skills to transport The late count Adimere 'Addy' to the heaven's court for his case. As the angel fell from his station, Addy rose from hell to have his fun with the angels. Seeing Alta, he listened to the whispers of his heart and found him a naive yet pessimistic angel. Piqued by the angel, Addy brought him along to heaven as his assistant only to be praised for his forgiving soul...
Angel Part 1
Demon Part 1

3. Perfection (WIP) January 2012
A witch sets out to find perfection.
A voice.
An apprearence.
A quick wit.

But what would the ones who lost each aspects of their life do without them?
(not m/m or anything still WIP)

One Shot

Fanfiction Only
this means I don't own any of the characters unless mentioned.
1.Magical you (HP) -on hiatus/WIP
Gilderoy Lockhart and his fan is in the st.mungo's ward... /I wish I knew where I was driving this thing, but yeah.../

2. (Naruto series). pending title. WIP
AU: This is what happens when the world collapses upon you. You feel numb, and then vengeful. What did you do to deserve being alone? Nothing. And so he goes crazy.
(Itachi dies. Sasuke goes insane. Angsty/Insane Sasuke Fic. I seriously think this is a messed up plot, not worth reading.)<- unless you want emo!

3. TBBT Observations of Penny (at the end I'll revise the name as well, for now it's called this.)
Description: Most likely ending is Shenny, but for now it's more of a friend-fic. Argh.
Genre: Comedy? Humor?
It's posted on FF as well, so...this is like...2nd post, almost.
Chapter 1-2
Ch 3-5 (Revising)

I started writing WYSIR as well, but the progress is somewhat halted due to all those delicious fiction I can find. So I banned myself from reading unless if I'm in that (angst) phase again.
rose redea

Answer for question 4326.

Which languages do you speak or read? If you know multiple languages, why did you learn more than just your native language? If you could learn another language fluently, which would it be and why?
English, chinese, malay, a little japanese, very little french, and a smatter of other languages. I've always loved learning more about other languages so that I can understand lots of people.
I had a goal to learn all the languages when I was a kid, but these days I focus on my Japanese. I want to at least be able to write a short story in it easily.
rose redea

Answer for question 4264.

If someone has a problem with something you’ve done, do you prefer they confront you directly? Why or why not? When you're the one who needs to tell someone about a problem, what's your method of doing so?
If it's something embarrassing I would choose a roundabout way to tell them, but if it's something obviously easily solved by informing the person, then we might as well be terse and explain when nobody's there to ogle them.

Just don't do it in front of others.

Rise Social Rank Up Event 6 in Romaji

September 30 (28 minutes into the English version )
All The Japanese Text Credits Goes to
Quick Transliteration via Google Translate

Original Japanese Text available at :
[Shōten-gai] Shopping District
> tatsuhime jinja… (Tatsuhime Shrine)
> fanretā o yomi oe ta Rise wa, kangaekonde iru yōda…

Kujikawa Rise:… Yappa, shinpai shite kure teru mitai.
Omotemuki wa, taichō furyō de kyūyō tte koto ni natterukara…
 ……. Kyūgyō suru mae ni ne, eiga no shutsuen no hanashi ga atte…
kono ko, sugoku tanoshimini shite kure teta mitai…
“genki ni natte, hayaku modotte kite ne” datte…
Senpai ni tsukiatte moratte yokatta.
Hitori de yomu no, nandaka kowakattakara…
“ Risechi ̄ ” wa, suteta nda mon.
Watashi, kono-ko no kitai ni wa kotae rarenaikara…

① kōkai shi teru? You regretted it?
② Jibun de eranda michida. The road you chosen
③ kitto wakatte kureru . Surely she (the letter writer) will understand.

Kujikawa Rise:
① Kōkai wa shi tenai. … To omou. (I don't think I regretted it)
Datte watashi, kyūgyō shite, hotto shi teru mon.
Hontō no watashi ni modorete yokattatte… wa...
> Rise wa sabishige ni waratte iru… (Rise made a sad smile)
Kujikawa Rise:② U, un…-sōda yo ne, imasara… shikatanai yo ne… …….

> Rise wa tsutomete waraou to shite iru…

>③daga, soko made no “kan'yō-sa” wa nai…
Kujikawa Rise: Tonikaku, mō “ Rise chi ̄ ” wa inai.
Tabun, kono-ko dake janai, motto taisei no hito o gakkari saseteru…
… shachō kara mo,-sō nando mo iwa retakara, tokkuni wakattetakedo…
watashi no eranda michi wa sō iu koto datte, wakatteta kedo ne…
konomama otōpu-ya-san tsugou ka na!
 … Imademo kanbanmusumedashi, kekkō hanjō shi chau to omou yo!
 … Nē, senpai.

Konomae no hanashi… honto ni… shicha okka.
Kōkō detara kekkon shite… watashi to isshoni kono machi de otōpu-ya-san, yaru no. …
(Translation: Let's get married here and operate the tofu shop together)
Nanka, tanoshi-sōdesho? Do, dō ka na? Nante… (Doesn't it sound fun? So, what do you think?)

④ ī ne     That's great
⑤ Rise ga honkinara     If you're serious
⑥ mada kimerarenai   I haven't decided

Kujikawa Rise:
④……. Senpai, sōiu koto, dare ni demo itterun desho.
Abunai no. Hito ga yowatteru toko megakete sa. …
Kedo, ainiku Risechi ̄ wa dama sa remasen yo ̄da.
> Rise wa waratte iru…

Kujikawa Rise:
⑤ Honki naratte… kekkō honki nandakedo na… nanka reiseinan dakara… senpai. Kedo, sōiu toko… chotto suki.
> Rise wa hazukashi-sō ni waratte iru.

Kujikawa Rise:
⑥ A wa ha~a! Senpai, kawai ̄. …
Teka shōjiki sugi? …
Ma, wakattemashitakedo ne.
Senpai ga… watashi ni honki janai nante, sa.

> Rise wa sukoshi kanashi-sō ni waratte iru…

Kujikawa Rise:… Arigato, senpai.
Kyō wa zutto isshoni ite kurete… chotto dake, genki detekita. …
Un, daijōbu. Watashiniha, yareru koto ga arushi…
watashi ni shika dekinai koto ga, madamada, ari-sōdakara…

> Rise no yaruki ga, shizuka ni tsutawatte kita…
 > Rise no koto ga, mata sukoshi wakatta ki ga shita…
> “Kujigawa Rise” komyu no ranku ga “6 ” ni agatta!
> “Ren'ai” no perusona o umidasu chikara ga zōfuku sa reta!
> Rise wa yoriissō, tatakai no ketsui o tsuyome…
> teki no jakuten o, tekikaku ni minuku yō ni natta!

Kujikawa Rise: Ippai tsukiawase chatte, gomen ne. Sorosoro, kaihō shite ageru.

The japanese version of the events are in this video
Example of Kujikawa Rise's voice:

Skip Beat Ch216 Entire Rough Translation

Rough translation of SKIP BEAT CH 216

Rough translation of SKIP BEAT CH 216
p2- takoyaki.
p3- box1: Haa... It feel as if I'm back to Japan...
Thought Box right middle: I normally don't really like Takoyaki
(sorry can't really see what that box to the left say)
Kyoko: fuu- fuu- (cooling the food)
Kyoko: *Eats it whole*
Thought bubble: It's so delicious!
Thought box: I've lost to temptation...
Mom saying to kid: why don't we eat it on the car~
*smell of takoyaki wafting*
*stomach rumbling*

thought bubble(top right): I didn't eat the airplane meal, so I end up being super hungry...
Kyoko: Speaking of which, when will the next earliest express taxi arrive?
Small thought bubble: it seems
It's after 2, there should be a free one...
Brrrr *phone vibrate*
Kyoko: Wha!
Kyoko: Ph-phone!! I just turned it on and there's already messages?

*some announcement for visitor that they should be aware that a plane has arrived*
small bubbles: ah, haven't seen you for a long time, /over here, over here/ (too small to read)
Kyoko: Ah, Yashiro-san!
Yashiro: Kyoko

Yashiro: it's great I can find you.
Kyoko: What happened? (the bubble below)
beside bubble:  I was surprised, I didn't think that Yashiro-san would be here to escort me.
Yashiro: well, normally I can't contact you when you're working.
small thought bubble on kyoko's head : is it... apologies
small thought bubble on Yashiro's head: It's no problem.
Yashiro (middle left): Because Ren is a perfectionist-
Kyoko: Ah...
Yashiro: Even I am curious to know the current situation
middle left Yashiro: And other than me, there are plenty who wants to know about the situation so I was sent here.
Kyoko(with tiny head):  ooh...
Yashiro: That's why-
Yashiro: Originally we thought of using the taxi,
but we thought of the contents we might discuss,
Yashiro: There might be problems
We also want to know about how it is over there
But in the middle of my work I couldn't follow the progress (of the work over there)

Yashiro: over here please,
Kyoko: It's Shachou(President), isn't it? (small bubble) The other person who wanted to know about it...
Kyoko: excuse me.
Man in costume: I will help you carry your luggage
Bubble beneath: Thank you
Kyoko: Ah, where's Shachou?
Yashiro: He's busy so he can't make it.
Kyoko (small head): That Shachou is working really hard huh...
Box: We chat about various job details
Yashiro (small bubble): Is that how it was?
Yashiro: That is to say, the filming on the Guam island went smoothly.
Kyoko (small head): Yes. Even the hot summer isn't a problem.
Kyoko (left bottom): It's the opposite for Setsu,  of course. I predicted Setsu would've collapsed due to the summer heat and end up hiding in her own room. (small text beside bubble) Her overprotective brother would've stayed indoors for her
Kyoko: Because of that we settled that Setsu should go back to England before her brother.
Yashiro: Setsu had managed to exit the filming set without rousing any suspicion from the filming crew.
Kyoko: Indeed.
Yashiro: Does that mean your task is finally over?
Kyoko: Yeah, I even got a stamp for it.
Kyoko: From Tsuruga-sempai.
Kyoko: he said before he comes back  I have to take care of it.
Yashiro: is that so...
Yashiro: until then let me give you- (see next page)

bubble: My gratitude
Yashiro: I think Kyoko has done a great job.
Yashiro: While I'm sure he is able to take care of himself (as it is Ren after all)
Yashiro: Not only is he acting as a mysterious character....but he himself is still a mystery
Bubble to the bottom left: I'm sure that a mysterious person like him is less burdened with another person's help
(something feels a little off here, I don't know why)

Kyoko: Yashiro-san
Yashiro: hn?
Kyoko: Ah
Kyoko: Nothing, it's not important.
Kyoko: I'm sure there are things about actors that even their own managers don't know about
Bubble: Because the talent industry is special that way.
I admit that there are many people who are under special circumstances working in this industry
Kyoko's thought: Am I be considered one of those with special circumstances...
Yashiro: There are many people who are determined to hide their past.
There are times when we had to split up as Ren had to go overseas for model photo shoots. Now that I think of it, it was the president's order that I became Ren's manager.
My manager senses told me not to dig too deep into Ren's history. (left top text)*A manager's sixth sense
At most I was simply guessing about his past.
Kyoko (thought text): As I thought
floating text: I should give up on it...
I shouldn't have more interest in information which even the rest of the world don't know about Tsuruga-sempai
Even though I am very interested to know his real name...
that day he is willing to tell me himself,
I won't ask anyone anymore.
But, there might be no more chances like these... (to find out)
Kyoko and Yashiro: hahahahaha *awkward laughter*
Yashiro: Speaking of which, yesterday, it seems like it's the first time, isn't it?
Yashiro: I've seen it already
Yashiro: Because your acting was totally different from the earlier series I was completely taken off guard by your performance (left text) Even though I've seen the appearance from the Dark Moon set but when I've seen the series it looks like it was a completely different person and for awhile I didn't react at all- because of attitude and body language...
Yashiro: Really, no matter what angle I look at, that's a super charismatic high-school girl.
Kyoko: ah.
Kyoko: That's right! It was Box 'R''s first airing yesterday.
Yashiro (thought bubble): This kid... is really not interested in knowing about the series she's in.
Yashiro (sweatdrop): Looks like-
Yashiro (waving bye bye):  She won't be very interested in the result, but-
Yashiro: It seems like it wasn't as stressful as the time during Dark Moon
Kyoko: Ah
Kyoko:  Amamiya-san~

Kyoko: Good Morning! Please guide me again today.
Amamiya: Uh un. Morning.
Amamiya: Aih...You sure are filled with energy.
Kyoko: Amamiya-san...
Kyoko (bubble left bottom): Are you okay? You look like you're not well.
Amamiya: What do you mean am I okay? Yesterday's rating was so poor that I can't even say the numbers out.
Kyoko: Ah, (thought bubble) box 'R''s rating. (speech bubble) is that so?
Amamiya: You...don't tell me you completely didn't notice?
Amamiya: Haven't the agency gotten the news? (small text on left)Speaking of which
Amamiya: Even today morning's news had the results for the rating for new TV series.
Kyoko: Ah, I'm sorry.
Kyoko: Because I had some other task I was completely unable to receive the news, until now
Amamiya: Is that so?
Amamiya (small text): I guess that can't be helped.
Amamiya: Speaking of which it is rather depressing. It had so many good reviews and then it's just embarrassing
Kyoko: Still, just watching the first episode is impossible to understand Box 'R'.
She (main character, T/N: not sure) completely doesn't have the ability to make an impact.
Left bottom bubble: Box R is the sort of series that gains viewers slowly,
The more the antagonists are hated, the more sympathy the viewers will have for the main character
And when the main character finally overcomes her bullies, the series will have a refreshing feel to it.
Kyoko: No problem! We are antagonists that people are sure to hate!! We can do it!! (small text)The viewership rates will surely go up!! Our future is secured!!
Amamiya: That feels really depressing. *cloud of depression*
Amamiya: As if everytime the ratings go up, our own likeability appeal goes down.
Amamiya: Well, at this rate, even if the TV series didn't do well it shouldn't matter, seeing as there are no other ways to increase our popularity.
Kyoko: Huh?
Kyoko: Didn't you say last time that you didn't want to be negatively impacted as acting as a antagonist so you joined the game variety shows? (small text)You even made up your mind about it and all.
Amamiya: to be completely frank, since I couldn't change my image so I went to join that variety show.
Amamiya thoughts: I already decided not to act
Until I am going to be driven crazy about wanting to act,
I will stop at Box "R".
But because I can't just give up half way, I'm still here, continuing...
Kyoko: Is it really not fine?
Kyoko: That is to say,
Kyoko: Being called a comedy celebrity?
*Pops out*            
Devil kyoko: what an alluring smell <3
Devil kyoko2: (T/n: says the same thing as the other one)
2 devils: What a super strong alluring smell~ <3<3<3
Kyoko: Why do I feel... there's some really strong anger stored within this book that I'm scared to open it.
Amamiya's poisonous notebook->
Kyoko: because both of them had to hurry and there isn't much time to talk she handed me this...
can't she use very few words to explain the important issue?
This, I'll bring it home to read slowly.
*Kachak* phone flipped open
11.40pm,- around this time it should be ok to help out in the shop.
There has to be some plates to wash-  I hope won't be disturbing the business.
Student1: See you again, boss. Thanks for the welcome, Ladyboss . (T/N Hahaha I forgot what they called them normally)
Student2: I want to have bamboo steamed fish, can I order some first?
Boss: ...
LadyBoss: It's not the right season, so you'll have to wait for it.
Student1/2: Che, ahahaha.
Ladyboss: Becareful on the way home~
*sound of rolling luggage bag*
Okami-san: Aiyah.
Kyoko: Okami-san~
Kyoko: I'm back!!
Okami: It must've been hard. How is dinner?
Kyoko: I ate already.
Kyoko(bottom right): Are there any more customers?
Okami: there are still 2 more.
Kyoko: Then the washing must be piled up? I'll go help out as soon as I placed my luggage.
Okami: what are you saying? You must be tired since you just came back.
Kyoko: It's no trouble! I'm very strong. (Small text )Both in heart and body.
Okami: You don't have to say it, I already know. I'm happy you still have heart.
Okami: But it's alright today, go have a good rest.
Kyoko: (thoughts)I'm really fine...
Okami: How should I say this...Kyoko,
Okami: A guest  came.
Kyoko: Ah, there are 2 groups of customer...
Okami: No, not customers,
Okami: It's your guest, Kyoko.
Kyoko: At this kind of time?!
Okami: Because I didn't know if you were coming back today, so...
Okami: He's waiting at the room.
Taisho: Hey, the receipt.
Okami: Okay.
Kyoko: Taisho-san I'm back.
*pat arm*
Okami: while you weren't here, the guest came by a few times already.
Okami: saying that-
no matter what the person wanted to say something to you.
the signature of your parents, were you able to get it directly...?
bubble: at that time,
can you not contact them at all?
Can it be...
*Held tightly*

Fuwa: Nomnomnom
*puts down*
Fuwa: Hey.
Kyoko's expression: D8
*use eyedrops*
*Open eyes wide*
Bamboo Rice.
Fuwa: Give me one more bowl.
KU-HUK-HUKHUK  *cough coughcough*
 there's blood...from my throat...
Fuwa: You think that I-

Fuwa: Would come here without a reason?
Fuwa: ...I heard
Fuwa: You have a passport?
Fuwa: Aunt Saena, she contacted us recently.

Phew. Now I'm finally done. If you want to thank me just like my artsy page
Updated page 16 because I missed an entire box. What the heck, did I rush that much? :<

Japanese: Reading Nuigurumi Crush (Manga Series)

A short summary of the series: A student, Wataru, who likes a toy known as 'moffle' ends up with a plush toy that look like a weirdo guy, but is acknowledged by one of his own Moffle toy called Mu-mu-tan that it is actually a plush toy despite it's appearance of a naked man. Somehow it followed him home...XD because he forgotten his student handbook.

There's nothing children can't see as the important bits are always covered by something convenient or nearby.

This series is absolutely bonkers, but an enjoyable read. I keep wondering if those who hate yaoi/shonen ai will avoid this series, even though it is obvious that was only played for laughs. It is NOT a yaoi/shonen-ai series. At most it implies it as a running joke.

All links within this document leads to jisho as I used it for learning new kanji.

Ch. 3
When is the human mof-Tarou san going to wear proper clothes?

Chapter 4: An apology for St. Nicholas
営み (itonami): life;work (pg90 in the mag)
(sakan): Prosperous, popular,...
時期 (jiki): period, time, season... (contextual translation is season, I guess)
畜生 (chikushou): damn it (according to context on p91), beast, brute.
舐める (nameru) to put down, to taste, to experience.
滅相 (metsu sou)
absurd, extravagant (contextually, "Presents are extravagant, p91"
一介 (itsu kai) merely, only a... (p92)
右腕(みぎうで):Right arm
欲(ほ)しかった :Wanted to/Wished
普段 (ふだ) Usual
柄 (がら) Pattern/design
一切 (いつさい) Everything、All.
平行(へいこう)して At the same time、Parallel
早速(さっそく) -Faster
技術 (ぎじゅつ)- Technique
酸素(さんそ) - oxygen
きっしょく悪 : To receive a blow

済み (kakunou zumi): Strorage settled(as in, they settled where to stow the thing)  (pg101 in the magazine)